Music isn't the only entertainment field that underwhelmed this summer. Numbers are in for Hollywood's blockbuster season, and they're dismal. Pulling in a little more than $4 billion domestically between May and Labor Day, this was the worst summer Hollywood has had in eight years. It also marks a 15 percent drop from the record-setting $4.75 billion summer of 2013. 

So why did this summer suck? It's pretty straightforward: the movies sucked. "Ultimately, it comes down to content," entertainment analyst Eric Handler told The Hollywood Reporter, "and the content just wasn't as good as it has been in previous years." 

There's always next year, though. Summer 2015 will bring Avengers: Age of UltronFast & Furious 7, Pixar's Inside Outand Jurassic World. Apart from Guardians of the Galaxy, those all sound better than this year's crop. 


[via THR]