Once again proving that no technology can exist without being used for something sexy, pervy brilliant scientists have captured images of people having sex inside an MRI scanner. 

If you haven't watched the video yet, spoiler alert: that shit is gross. 

Other things captured in an MRI scan, also gross, include: French kissing, a woman giving birth, and people's vocal chords while talking. 

The footage was compiled by Vox, which reported that the sex MRI was recorded by Dutch scientist Pek van Andel in the 1990s. The woman in the couple apparently documented the experience of having sex for science, saying: 

Suddenly I become conscious that I have a strange position: the only woman between four men, on the verge of becoming intimate with my lover in that machine, while the other three gentlemen in the next room are operating all sorts of machinery to take a shot of our inner side. [...]

Then nothing for a little while. Confined by the space we make the best of it and that’s just not so uncosy. On a certain moment there’s sounding through the microphone "the erection is fully visible, including the root." Again nothing for a little while. ... The first shots are taken: "Now lay down very still and holding your breath during the shot.!" Forty rythmic little bangs of the magnets above us and then one may exhale. [...]

It's becoming pleasantly warm in the tube and we truly succeed in enjoying each other from time to time in a familiar way. When the microphone is telling us that we may come- insofar possible- and that only we have to inform them in connection to the photo, we burst out into a roar of laughter and some moments later we do what is the purpose.

[Via Vox]