In addition to painting a bleak picture of the effect technology can have on our lives, the first trailer for Men, Women & Children was eerily dialogue-free. The second trailer, debuted today by MTV today, shows IRL conversations but is still just as depressing. 

The trailer opens with teenager Tim Mooney (Ansel Elgort) in a therapist's office. When the shrink asks what's important in his life, Tim response response is, "I think if I disappeared tomorrow, the universe wouldn't really notice."

Yup, this is movie is definitely going to be sad. 

The upcoming film directed by Jason Reitman stars Adam Sandler (yay for a dramatic role!), Jennifer GarnerRosemarie DeWittAnsel ElgortJudy Greer, and Dean Norris. It'll debut to a limited release Oct. 1, with a wider release planned for Oct. 10. 

[via MTV]