Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, has received a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matthew Prokop, after she alleges that he physically and verbally abused her during their relationship. The actress also states that he threatened her after she ended the relationship.

In her petition, the actress said that Prokop wouldn’t leave her alone. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Hyland stated that Prokop, “relentlessly bombarded me with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats.” She also says that she was pinned up against a car and was called the c-word while he allegedly choked her during one of their arguments earlier this year. In the court documents, Hyland says, “His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life.”

In the documents, the star revealed that she seeked help from her TV mom Julie Bowen. Bowen was present when Hyland was going to call it quits, but the actress says that Prokop freaked out when he saw Bowen. That’s when Bowen told Hyland that she needed to leave the home because it was not safe.

Hyland's attorney Lee A. Sherman, released the following statement: "On September 19, 2014, Ms. Hyland obtained a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order against Matthew Prokop. The documents filed speak for themselves. Out of respect for the court, the process and all parties, I have advised Ms. Hyland not to comment on the matter. We request that you respect the parties' privacy during this time."

A hearing has been set for Oct. 10, on whether to extend the restraining order, which requires Prokop to stay at least 100 yards away from Hyland and her dog, after the actress says that Prokop told her that she would never see her dog again.

[via E!]