You may know Sirius XM’s Rude Jude from his popular All Out Show, but the DJ is also an incredibly gifted writer with an even crazier life story.

His book—entitled Hyena—is a compilation of short stories that details the heartbreak, success, and occasional depravity of Rude Jude (real name: Jude Angelini) as he rose from a kid growing up in Pontiac, Mich. and blossomed into one of Sirius’ most popular personalities. The book’s self-deprecating humor and brutal honestly has already won over readers, so much so that after a wildly successful run as an independent project, the book was picked up by major publishing house Simon & Schuster.

In capturing the essence of life in Detroit and offering up a thoughtful reflection on human nature, Angelini’s work is reminiscent of fellow personalities like Artie Lange and Jim Norton and is definitely worth a read. Plus, where else can you read a book where an author admits to getting peed on by “a little punk rock, porn chick”?