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Robert Downey Jr. is the kind of supportive dad who shows up at his son's court date for drug charges.

Downey, who is now legendarily sober, was legendarily not sober for many years, which led to things such as unexpectedly waking up in his neighbor's home, so it makes sense that he's understanding in this department.

His son Indio pleaded guilty to charges of cocaine possession this week, and Downey was there in the court room to offer support. 

Everyone was being quite mature, it seems, and Indio could soon have his record completely cleared as part of a diversionary program, as long as he completes a rehab program where he's been since his arrest two months ago (and reportedly is doing very well).

The judge, however, couldn't resist saying something about the superhero in the courtroom. According to TMZ, Judge Keith Schwartz gave credit to a fictional comic book character for Indio's recovery, saying, "I know in life people always look up to superheroes, but I think you might have contact or an inside as to one superhero - that's Iron Man."

Somebody's a Marvel fanboy.

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