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Introducing your new favorite Saturday Night Live cast member, Pete Davidson. A 20-year-old stand-up comedian from New York, Davidson was the only new featured player to join the comedy institution's 40th season. Yes, him, the guy who looks like the dude your little brother skates with at the mall. It turns out Lorne Michaels has still got an eye for talent, though, as the newbie, who's previously been seen on MTV's Guy Code, Wild 'N Out, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, stole the entire show from host Chris Pratt within the few minutes of screentime he had on Weekend Update. Below, watch him discuss how much money it would take for him to go down on a guy. [Hint: not much.]

Hilarious skit aside, you're probably still stuck on the 20-years-old thing and questioning your life choices as you read this, so the following probably won't help: The only other cast members to join around his age? Anthony Michael Hall at 17, Eddie Murphy at 19, and Robert Downey Jr. at 20. Essentially, that means he's got like a 66 percent chance he's going to turn into a millionaire movie star. And his odds are already looking good. Seconds after his Update scene wrapped, #SNL Twitter lit up with every other viewer predicting that Davidson would become the show's next breakout star. Or, more specifically...

Obviously, those names are not bad company to be in at all (though maybe don't trust a guy who can't even spell Andy Samberg's name right).

So, what are your predictions for Pete Davidson? Sound off in the comments below.