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Barack Obama doesn't even know what a Tumblr is. So it should come as no surprise that Barry O completely eschews cable news and social media by getting his news the old-school way, from newspapers. That doesn't mean he gets everything from print, though. He's also a fan of the papers' online content. 

We've learned this from White House assistant Dan Pfieffer snitching on Obama's reading habits for Capital New York. It should come as no surprise that the president ignores cable news, on account of its awfulness on both sides, but it's a little more surprising that he doesn't aggregate his news via social media like the rest of us. Despite his $47 million followers, Obama doesn't actually use Twitter, according to Pfieffer. 

If you haven't been convinced to give up cable news yet, the fact that the president ignores it should be a good motivator. But giving up social media? That's crazy talk. 


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