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The dust hasn’t even settled about Django Unchained actress Daniel Watts’ LAPD encounter after being suspected of prostitution and now another case of black women wrongly accused of prostitution has come to light. Three black women have just said that a security guard at NYC’s Standard Hotel last month accused them of being prostitutes when they were at the hotel’s bar. 

The Standard later went on to apologize to the women and offered a $400 dinner and a bottle of champagne at the hotel’s restaurant. 

One of the women, Kantaki Washington, a lawyer, said she and her friends were speaking to a man when the security guard showed up saying, “Come on, ladies. You can buy a drink but you can't be soliciting.” Leaving Washington and her friends confused before he replied with, “Don't act stupid with me, ladies.”

Washington said she clarified that she was a lawyer and her friends were educators, but the security guard kept making accusations.

Cydney Madlock, one of the other women, said she and her friends deserve a “formal apology” from the hotel, not some dinner bribe. “I felt like [the security guard] was talking to me like a dog in the street,” said Madlock.

The Standard issued this statement about the situation:


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