Whenever you really dig someone, you naturally become very curious as to what they’re up to when you think about them. Fortunately, and unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to find that out nowadays. This is both a blessing and curse. Check their goings-on too much and you’ll start to cook up all kinds of ideas as to why they are where they are and why they’re spending time with the people they’re spending time with. This will drive you absolutely bonkers and make you very skeptical of their behavior, which is not cool for the times when you interact with them in person. People know when something’s up; they can just feel it. You want all of your real-life encounters to be light-hearted and fun, not unsettling and terrifying. All you should be doing is seeing what they’re up to a couple times a week. If an update comes into your feed, read it. Whatever you do, just don’t go camping out on their page for hours on end.