New Girl is back! “The Last Wedding,” the fourth season premiere, finds all of the characters fighting to get laid at the final wedding of the summer and the show back in fine form—it’s not the best New Girl ever (there’s no Fancyman, for one), but it does a great job of resetting everything a bit after the end of Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) relationship and returning the show to slightly lower-key emotional stakes. If this episode is any indication of the tone for the rest of the season, we’re in for some consistent laughs and a lot of yelling about the police academy.

In particular, “The Last Wedding” begins the process of revving up the show’s engine: its central cast. New Girl was, originally, nominally about Jess moving into an apartment with three dudes, but over time the show has morphed and become inclusive to the point where it’s tough to imagine the cast’s well-honed dynamic being nearly as successful without any of the characters (even poor Winston). But in the spirit of Jess’ competition, let’s rank how much each member of the New Girl ensemble contributes to “The Last Wedding.”

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