Matt Lauer knows the best way to beat Manhattan traffic, and he also knows how to do it for free. Page Six reports the Today Show host takes a helicopter from his home in the Hamptons to the NBC Studios in midtown, with NBC footing the bill. 

Apparently this is part of NBC's efforts to keep Lauer amid rumors he'd leave after the nasty fallout from his feud with Ann Cury. Lauer ended up extending his $20 million-per-year deal through 2016. 

Some sources say Lauer takes the chopper up to three times a week, while others insists it happens less often. And of course, a rep for Today is trying to make Lauer sound more likeable by saying, "On rare occasions, Matt will fly home, but most of the time you'll find him stuck in traffic on the Long Island Expressway with everyone else." 


[via Page Six]