Neil Patrick Harris made big headlines and won a Tony Award for his work in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Book of Mormon and Girls star Andrew Rannells recently took the reins from NPH as the titular lead. Now it appears Rannells’ run will be limited to just eight weeks, when he will be replaced on October 16 by former Dexter star Michael C. Hall.

It’s a surprising move given that nowhere in the announcement of Rannells’ role did it say he was staying on for so short a time. Lead producer David Binder insists, though, that there’s nothing amiss here. “Our agreement with Andrew was always for eight weeks,” he told Deadline, “and I am super excited about having Michael C. Hall take over.”

Hall does have previous Broadway experience, so this is not a total shot in the dark. Let’s just hope this latest project features a lot less blood.

[via Deadline]