Prepare for the newest young adult franchise that you'll be seeing sequels of for the next decade or so. 

The Maze Runner won the box office this weekend, grossing $32.5 million, and beating this week's other big debut, A Walk Among the Tombstones, according to Forbes.

That was apparently good enough for Fox to announce today that Maze Runner, which was adapted from the dystopian, young-adult novel by James Dashner, will be getting a sequel in Sept. 2015. 

Liam Neeson's career renaissance as an old-guy badass seems to have finally slowed down, as Tombstones grossed $13.1 million, significantly less than his other recent action movies Taken, Taken 2, Non-Stop and The Grey

This Is Where I Leave You, Tina Fey's dramedy with Jane Fonda and Jason Bateman, was No. 3 with $11.9 million. No Good Deed, starring Idris Elba, was fourth with $10.2 million in its second week. 

[Via Forbes]

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