If you're not caught up on El Rey Network's Matador, be very ashamed. Not only are you missing out on an espionage thriller about a CIA operative who joins a professional soccer team to spy on its corrupt owner, but you're missing out on a great performance by Alfred Molina, the guy playing said owner.

Just check out this clip from the upcoming ninth episode. The team's prima donna striker Alec Holester (Tanc Sade) is once again being a total dick, whining about having to go a team fundraiser party when Molina's Andres Galan charges into the locker room.

The speech he rifles off is stirring and surprisingly fan-friendly—and he has a side-eye like no other. It actually makes you like the guy for a second, before you realize that he's a CIA target. 

The full ninth episode of Matador premieres tomorrow, Sept. 9, at 9 p.m. ET on El Rey Network. Catch up while you can.