Mark Ruffalo isn't being shy about wanting to appear in Star Wars. In a recent interview he admitted to sending a shameless email to Star Wars Episode VIII director Rian Johnson asking for a role in the film. Ruffalo hasn't been cast yet, as far as we know, but now Johnson and the entire world knows he's interested. 

"My email to Rian after all these years was, 'Rian, congratulations on everything you've been doing,'" Ruffalo told Collider. "'And by the way, if there's a part in Star Wars, please, anything, please consider me to join you.' I love hanging out with Rian so [just hanging out on set] is interesting to me, but I would like a role."

Ruffalo better hope his admission doesn't hurt his chance. Episode VII director J.J. Abrams has been keeping a lot of secrets, so Johnson might want to do the same for his film. 


[via THR]