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A Chinese man reportedly died in 2012 after making four trips to a sperm bank in just 10 days.

According to the New York Post, employees at the Wuhan University building discovered 23-year-old Zheng Gang unconscious inside of a room. Despite attempts to revive him, Gang, who had been inside of the room for two hours, was pronounced dead. 

Claiming that the sperm bank was responsible for his death, Gang's family sued: 

They demanded to be paid $648,545 in compensation and claimed that the clinic had forced him to sign up.

They also said the clinic pressured the young man into making frequent donations and alleged the medical staff did not properly handle the situation once they discovered him unconscious.

However, a court ruled in favor of the facility, determining that Gang signed up to donate sperm under his own free will. The Post adds that Gang started donating in 2011, a year after he began studying to be a doctor in 2011. 

[via New York Post]

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