Police are investigating a man who reportedly beheaded a co-worker at a food processing plant yesterday. What's more, the FBI is said to be looking into the incident as well. 

KFOR reports that Alton Nolen, 30, had been fired from the Vaughn Foods plant in Moore, Okla. He's said to have driven to the plant's entrance (striking a vehicle in the process), and attacked Colleen Hufford, 54, with a knife once inside. According to Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, Nolen stabbed Hufford with a knife "several times," decapitating her in the process. Nolen then turned his aggression towards 34-year-old Traci Johnson, stabbing her as well.

According to KFOR, Nolen was shot by former CEO and Oklahoma County reserve deputy Mark Vaughn.  The FBI began investigating Nolen's background after it was reported that he tried to convert co-workers to Islam, but KFOR says authorities have not found any links to terrorism. 

Johnson was hospitalized in stable condition, and Nolen is expected to survive his injuries. 

[via KFOR]

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