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If Anthony Bourdain traveled the globe looking for the world's best food-inspired tech products, this definitely would be at the top of his list.

KFC is giving away drumstick-shaped iPhone 5S cases that look more like a caveman's club than a piece of chicken. The case doesn't offer anything practical—it doesn't look comfortable to hold (never mind how much the woman in the picture above is smiling), and if it's dropped, the case probably isn't going to absorb shock very well. But if you want a conversation starter, look no further. 

This isn't the first time KFC Japan has tapped into the tech market within the country. The fast food chain gave away a drumstick-inspired USB thumb drive and mouse, along with a keyboard that only displays the company's logo and the letters K, F, and C, with every other key symbol a drumstick.

KFC has deeply embedded itself in Japanese culture by starting a marketing campaign in 1974 that used the line "Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!" which translates to "Kentucky for Christmas!​" While it wasn't a national holiday in Japan, KFC promoted a drumstick meal along with a bottle of wine for $10 on Christmas Day. Over time, they successfully marketed Christmas as the day you're supposed to eat chicken (specifically, KFC chicken), and it's not much different to how Americans traditionally eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Today the chain offers drumsticks along with cake and champagne for $40, and wait times for a meal on Christmas are said to be two hours or more.