Forget about lunch boxes, cheap novelizations you buy in the supermarket, or a horrible video gameKevin Smith's new horror film Tusk has a tie-in with a much better more intriguing product: weed.

A24, which is distributing the movie, linked up with medical marijuana dispensary Buds & Roses in Studio City, Calif to sell two strains of buds with names that reference the movie, the New York Times reported. 

A marketer with A24 told the Times that "Mr. Tusk" will come with an intense high, while the other option, "White Walrus" will be mellow. The dispensary will start selling the strains on Sept. 8. 

Tusk is a horror-comedy that stars Justin Long as a podcaster who goes into the Canadian wilderness and slowly transforms into a walrus as his friends search for him. Soo, yeah. This film might be best enjoyed with a prescription. 

The movie premiered Saturday night at the Toronto International Film Festival where Smith told the CBC, "I don't know if you like this movie or dislike this movie. It just happens to you and then you carry it with you like herpes." 

Smith, who directed the Clerks films among many others in his View Askewniverse, is already filming a Tusk spin-off titled Yoga Hosers starring his own daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp.

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