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The one thing you don't tell people is that they're short. No shit, they know that. They've probably spent their entire lives batting off jokes like, "But you have to be this tall to ride the rollercoaster," "I can put you in my pocket," and "You could probably only play point guard, right?" Okay, that last one is a little personal...

...but I digress. In this True Detective parody trailer, Kate Mara, 5'2, and Ellen Page, 5'1, play the titular Tiny Detectives, frustrated badass partners in crime who can't get through a day on the job without their tiny stature bringing them down.

The duo poke fun at everything from not being able to see over the steering wheel to failing to reach top shelves, and even manage to work in a Little Rascals reference.

(The costumes, not the face penis.)

Consider this a PSA on behalf of petite-section people everywhere. 

[via Funny or Die]