The Office has been over for a minute, but John Krasinski hasn't stopped working. Like Mindy Kaling, dude's been making his own moves, turning him into one of the busiest shotcallers in the business. If you hadn't noticed, he's killing it at this whole "life" thing, and here are the reasons why.

1. Under his production company Sunday Night, Krasinski (and partner Alyson Seeger) just sold two comedies to NBC. According to Deadline, he's lined up a single-camera comedy about a law student-turned-NYC garbage man, which will be written by Shawn Wines and executive produced by Aaron Kaplan. The second comedy, written by Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan, will follow a recently unemployed middle-aged ad-man who decides to start his own company with a band of misfits who'll probably feel at home on The Office

2. He recently wrapped his second directorial effort, the family dramedy The Hollars. Not only that, but he's starring opposite Anna Kendrick, and literally anything you hashtag #annakendrick will be watched, GIF'dmemed, fan fiction-ed, and/or maybe printed out into a card that you send to your grandma on her 80th birthday.

3. And this is just a reminder, he's so charming that he can get away with surprise ice-bucket-challenging his wife Emily Blunt. (Well, sort of. She looks kinda pissed.)

Again, if you didn't get the first time, his wife is Emily Blunt.

Stay winning, Krasinski.