If you haven't seen Awkward, you're uncool, bro. The MTV show is the best teen rom-com on TV today, and on September 23, it continues its fourth season, which finds the students of Palos Hills High School strapped into the emotional roller coaster that is senior year. This means: love triangles, college admissions drama, and of course, prom. 

One character who knows all about that is Awkward's lovable ditz, Tamara Kaplan. Think Gretchen Wieners meets Summer Roberts, and you've got the perfect picture of the girl. Thanks to Jillian Rose Reed's hilarious portrayal, Tamara's become one of the show's fan-favorites. And we were lucky enough to get to know her. Reed, a 22-year-old Michigan native turned Valley Girl, stopped by the Complex studio to talk about the upcoming season, her favorite character on Friends (the show's 10th anniversary is on Awkward's premiere day after all), and whether or not redheads are that wild and crazy.