It was only right for Joan Rivers to have a foul-mouthed eulogy in her honor, and we can't think of anyone who would have been more perfect for the job than Howard Stern. The shock jock broke the "morose silence" of the funeral by saying, "Joan Rivers had a dry pussy." Margaret Cho provided the following account on her website:

At first, the words just hung there, as no one knew exactly what to do. Of course I started laughing hysterically, and everyone else, remembering who we were there to honor, followed suit. Howard Stern actually choked back tears as he continued – "Joan's pussy was so dry it was like a sponge – so that when she got in the bathtub – whooooosh – all the water would get absorbed in there! Joan said that if Whitney Houston had as dry a pussy as Joan's, she would still be alive today…"

It was so wrong but so right at the same time. So Joan. So great.

Today on his show Stern said Joan's daughter, Melissa, asked him to deliver the eulogy. He initially told her he was the wrong guy to ask, but obviously that couldn't have been further from the truth. 


[via Gawker]