As any good, responsible person will tell you, having consent before any sexual encounter is a must. It’s important to understand that only “yes means yes,” and that anything else does not constitute consent.

But what if you’re feeling a little awkward about the whole thing? What do you do if you’re a good person and want to make sure the other person is ready to get down, only you’re too shy to ask?

It may not be a cure for the crippling awkwardness that is sure to follow, but the Good2Go app will have you covered when it comes to consent.

Created to, at the very least, reduce “regretted encounters” by “facilitating clear communication and expectations,” the app has both users answer a series of questions about both their willingness to participate in a sexual encounter and their sobriety levels. One wrong answer, and no sex for you.

While it's a noble idea, the odds of someone getting laid when they bust out their “consent app” probably goes down to something less than 0.

[via Mashable]