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Are you a girl who needs a boost of self-esteem? Are you near the 4 or D train/can you catch a plane to JFK? Because comedienne Gina Brillon has a can't-miss way to get you feeling confident.

Go to the Bronx.

Brillon should know. The funnywoman was born and raised in the BX, where "they love anything remotely female." But now she's burning up the stand-up scene and on Saturday, Sept. 27 she's going to officially arrive with "Gabriel Iglesias Presents Gina Brillon: Pacifically Speaking." We've got a little sample of what Brillon's going to be bringing in her special—more analysis on the thirst of Bronx natives and a spot-on Rosie Perez impression.

Watch the whole special when it premieres on Saturday at 10 p.m. ET on NUVOtv.