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So apparently Fox's new reality show, Utopia, isn't doing so well after just one episode. You don't say! The show is supposed to last for a full year (yikes), but last night's episode got less than two million viewers. Technically, the show is going on 24/7 and Fox has live feeds going.

The idea is that fifteen men and woman are isolate for a year and have to build their own, ahem, utopia. It's modeled after a Dutch show with a similar conceit. After the premiere didn't do so hot, Fox execs promised they would "have patience" with the show. The show is costing Fox a whopping $50 million; reality shows are so popular with networks in part because they're usually so cheap to produce. The hefty price tag probably means Fox won't pull the show unless it absolutely has to.

Here's the trailer:

[via the Wrap]