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Jack Bauer might live yet another day. Fox has been in a ratings slump for three months, so it's only natural for the network to consider bringing back 24 after the 12-episode Live Another Day series did so well earlier this year. Speaking at Fox's Fall Launch event, CEOs Gary Newman and Dana Walden discussed the possibility of another season of 24

"We are talking about it, thinking about when would be the best opportunity for it. We are checking with our creative partners about how much enthusiasm they have for doing another installment. We were really pleased with this past season, just thought creatively it was top-notch. That was a great reward to the fans of the show who were ready to see more episodes of Jack Bauer, and it was a great financial endeavor for all of us."

We'd put the chances of this becoming more than speculation fairly high, especially if Fox's slump continues in the coming months. They should just name the next season 24 Lives as Long as It Brings in Buku Bucks


[via Flickering Myth]