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Almost all pop culture strip clubs have attractive employees. When you're watching a scene unfold in a film or television strip club, you aren’t just watching strippers: you're watching actors hired to play strippers. To a hot actor, being cast as a stripper has the same level of distinction that a lawyer receives when they become a judge. You're exceeding your peers at the one thing everyone in your profession is already good at. So because every actor cast as a stripper is attractive, when ranking fictional strip clubs, we must take other factors into account.

Of course there are the vital issues like music, cuisine, comfort, and staff hospitality to take into account, but there are also issues particular to pop culture's depictions of nudie bars. Are there rumpled homicide detectives ruining the mood? How likely are you to happen upon organized crime violence you really shouldn't have seen while waiting in line for the champagne room? Will the sob story of a single mother raising her three kids—no thanks to her deadbeat ex—tug on your heart strings until you empty your wallet? These are just some of the many issues we need to consider as we set about separating the Landing Strips from the Bada Bings. We attempted to look past the shimmering underwear and impressive acrobatics and ask ourselves which of these strip clubs we would actually like to attend. Here is our Definitive Guide to the Most Famous Fictional Strip Clubs.