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Well, this would certainly change things.

After Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was detained by the Los Angeles Police last week for what she termed “showing affection” to her boyfriend, it seemed like yet another ugly instance of racial profiling by law enforcement. However, witnesses are now telling TMZ that the way Watts publicly shows affection may be a bit different than most people.

According to those who saw everything from the adjacent Directors Guild office, Watts and her boyfriend were, in fact, having sex in the front seat of their car with the door wide open, caring little for anyone who happened to see. Was there kissing involved? Undoubtedly. Is this why police may have thought this was a John-Prostitute situation? It certainly makes a little more sense now.

TMZ also obtained the police audio of the incident, which is above.

If the reports of a little car sex being involved are true, then this makes Watts’ claim of racial profiling a bit dubious. After all, it’s probably safe to assume that having sex in public is probably going to draw some attention before long, no matter who you are.

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