Darrell Hammond—a cast member for a staggering 14 seasons, the most in the show’s history—will be returning to Saturday Night Live this season as the announcer. He is replacing the familiar voice of the legendary Don Pardo, who passed away a month ago at the age of 96.

Hammond made his name at SNL as a prolific imitator, doing spot-on impressions of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Al Gore, and Sean Connery, among many others. He told USA Today that he has, in fact, already had some practice in the announcer’s chair. “I sat in for Don when he had laryngitis several times over the years,” he said says. “[Pardo] was a lovely person. When he passed, they wanted me; it felt right for me to be the one to replace him.”

While this role is largely off-camera, it does introduce one possibility that America yearns for: more Celebrity Jeopardy.

[via UPROXX]