So we did it! Complex has officially joined the home of nudes, selfies and well...more nudes. Diving head first into the hedonistic world of self-destructive content (seriously, why are we doing this again?!), we’re opening the doors to Complex HQ even wider; to give all of you guys even more exclusive content. Yep, that’s right! More exclusive sneaker drops, bonus pics from behind-the-scenes and more importantly, a lot more dope content––#FIRST. So, with that said, be sure to hit us up on Snapchat right away because Monday, we’re unveiling something big to Snapchat users first and foremose. It’s @ComplexMag. Find us, follow us, and get ready for Monday. 

And remember, we see everything. So give us a shout, share your snaps, and you just might see yourself on Complex.