Veterans in and around Denver were gifted with $60,000 worth of free marijuana and edibles over the weekend. 

The generosity came from Operation Grow4Vets, who aim to provide an alternative, green method of PTSD treatment. According to CBS Denver, the organization collaborated with several local businesses to throw the event, which is being touted as Operation Grow4Vets' largest ever. 

Roger Martin, the Executive Director for Operation Grow4Vets and a veteran himself, told CBS Denver he hopes the giveaway will "save some of the veterans who commit suicide and die from drug overdose every day in the United States." Veteran Mark Pitt, who's allergic to morphine opiates, said that the effort is appreciated.

" I don’t have much choice other than do that," he revealed.

Next weekend, the generosity will continue in Colorado Springs. 

​[via Gawker and CBS Denver]

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