Happy iPhone 6 Day everybody! Now, for the bad news: it’s already been iPhone 6 day in Australia for almost 24 hours already. Sorry, America isn’t first.

While they may have gotten their new phones first, it’s pretty clear that the good people of Perth, Australia have some work to do when it comes to handling their new devices. A young man named Jack—the first person in Perth to get an iPhone 6—tried showing it off to a reporter in front of the Apple store. It didn’t go well.


He should have known he was in trouble when the box wouldn’t quite open, but Jack would not be denied his chance to show off on TV. While he insisted that everything was fine after his phone went spiraling down to the sidewalk, you can tell he was already scheming of ways to go back inside and swap it for a new one.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Apple stans reacted to the blunder a like this.

[via 9News]