Start figuring out your stripper name, but just remember, Big Dick Richie is already taken (says IMDB). 

Channing Tatum('s social media person?) posted to his Facebook page today to announce a contest to win a part in Magic Mike XXL

Matthew McConaughey isn't returning for the sequel to the 2012 comedy about a male stripper with big dreams of making custom furniture in sunny Tampa (seriously, that was the plot) and his banana-hammocked crew of dancers, but Tatum will be back in the title role.  

It must be said that the movie, which also starred Olivia Munn as a threesome-loving grad student, was actually pretty funny.

If you want to appear in the sequel, you just have to explain why you're a Magic Mike fan, and probably be lucky. 

Here's Tatum with the rules: 




[Via Indiewire]