The variety of natural beauty in this country is astonishing. In every corner of the United States there are wondrous sights that would put your desktop wallpaper to shame. Many of these wonders are secluded, protected from development and natural resource drilling by the federal government, and preserved in pristine condition. While summer is almost over, fall is perfect for a night under the stars. And even if you didn’t get your campground reservations in months ahead of time, there is still time to take in all that America has to offer. If you’re willing to fly by the seat of your pants and hit the road, there are walk-ins, last-minute cancelations, and campsites just outside national park grounds that will become all the more accommodating if you toss them a tip.

All that’s stopping you from seeing the peaks of the Rockies, the rolling hills of Virginia, or the canyons of the Southwest is yourself. We can’t make you stop tweeting about television shows and partying in your buddy Steve’s basement to take the time to see our beautiful country. Only you can do that. But, we can show you some of the greatest camping spots in America in hopes that it might be just the motivation you need to get off of the couch and on the road. Here is A Guide to the Best Campgrounds in America.