Job hunting has always been depressing. There's no faster way to realize how truly worthless you are than by sitting in your room wearing gym shorts, working your way through three day old pizza, and blindly emailing your college buddies hoping one will bring you on as Assistant to the Mail Room Assistant. When Internet job search sites like Monster, Career Builder, and LinkedIn came on the scene, it seemed like the whole terrible ordeal of seeking employment was about to get so much easier. Unfortunately, these sites have just made us feel worse without making our employment prospects any better.

While LinkedIn has been useful in terms of receiving garbage spam emails, being endorsed for skills you don't have by people you barely knew in high school, and feeling terrible about how little you've accomplished compared to others, the only LinkedIn success stories we've heard came to you courtesy of the LinkedIn homepage. We can't give you any hope that your profile will be that needle in the digital haystack that employers are looking for, but we can tell you that your profile definitely isn't the worst one on the site. Here are 10 Struggle LinkedIn Accounts to Help You Feel Better About Your Employability.