It's been a pretty long time since Zach Braff has brought his signature indie-veined, sneakily existential rom-com styling to the big screens. Ten years after striking gold with Garden State, Braff is back in the director's chair for Wish I Was Here, which he co-wrote with his brother Adam Braff

The movie still has all of those musings (as well as a loaded soundtrack), but it's a bit more grown up than Braff's previous efforts. "It's about a dad confronting the life challenges that we all face," Braff explains in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip. Those challenges include a sick father (played wonderfully by Mandy Patinkin), a career that's at a standstill, and navigating fatherhood itself.

"He's trying to make a better world for his children, and in the course of that journey, he learns to not waste his own life," says Patinkin. 

Bring on all the feelings. Wish I Was Here is out in theaters now.