Reaching out to police because you feel as if you've been cheated out of whatever illegal service you paid for will always end in your arrest. Always

According to the Smoking Gun, 53-year-old William McDaniel phoned authorities after a stripper refused to have sex with him. Apparently, McDaniel assumed the $350 he paid for a private dance at Exotic Dance Club covered sexual favors as well. When he didn't get what he wanted at the Rocker, Mont. club, he complained to police, who arrested him for attempting to exchange money for sexual favors. 

Fifteen years ago, Chris Rock emphasized that no sex is going down in the Champagne Room. One would think that the point was made crystal clear, but it seems as if he needed to mention the whole "Your dumb ass will get arrested, or worse" component as well.

Some people need everything spelled out for them.

[via The Smoking Gun]

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