The word "ratchet" might be played out, but until the Internet agrees upon a more accurate description for these crimes, it will have to do. These stories are sad, imaginative, and inspire us to have conversations about race, classand the American dream

This week's roundup includes raging landlords, a hot-tub threesome , and selling grandma's car for drugs. Each crime is rated on our Ratchet Metera base-10 logarithmic scale modeled after a similar system developed by Charles Richter—except that the Ratchet Meter has nothing to do with science because it's not actually a real thing. 

Read on for the best of the worst ratchet crimes in America. Proceed with caution, stay safe, don't try this at home, and send your tips to

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the latest episode of Ratchet News Network with The Kid Mero