Address: 468 Prospect Ave., Hartford

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ridiculous attractions that bars offer to lure in customers. Mechanical bulls? Topless karaoke? Swimming pools filled with Jell-O? If you can think of it, some bar somewhere offers it. The Spigot is refreshing because they make a point of offering no frills. put it almost poetically, “It is just a bar. Pure and simple. Nothing fancy or gimmicky. Just a solid bar with the best beer specials in town.” It bears mentioning that this is “just a bar” with 18 different beers on tap and over 100 whiskeys, ryes, and bourbons. Okay, actually that kind of makes it more than just a bar, and that’s just fine with us. Oh, and a tip from the locals: get there early if you want to use the dart board and make sure you bring cash. No frills also means no credit cards.