Address: 2376 15th St., Denver

Admittedly, My Brother’s Bar is on the classier end of the dive spectrum: they don’t serve dive bar standbys like Budweiser and though the décor is worn, it isn’t known for collecting grime. But their lack of signage, a website, and the fact that they’ve existed since 1873 put them firmly in the dive camp. My Brother’s Bar is known for its great atmosphere, phenomenal food, and interesting history. The bar is built on ground where Colorado coal miners once cooled their heels, and between then and now, Jack Kerouac counted My Brother’s Bar among his favorite haunts. Once you find the sign-less storefront, you’ll find a spirits selection that is top notch even by Colorado’s exacting standards. Pair with one of the best burgers in Denver or Girl Scout Cookies, depending on how you’re feeling.