Address: 1316 Main St., Little Rock

When you’re trying to find out about the best dive in Little Rock, two contenders pop up over and over again: White Water Tavern and Midtown Billiards. They both serve legendary bar food. They’re both beloved by the locals. They both feature top-notch jukeboxes. When we heard that Midtown Billiards features a PBR chandelier, the tie was instantly broken.

Though Midtown Billiards has the long hours, well-worn pool tables, and dollar drinks specials of a dive bar, they also take their food seriously. The bar’s burger has been featured on Serious Eats, and is well worth the price of admission. According to Serious Eater Kat Robinson, if you’re trying to get your heart to kill you before your liver, you can order a burger with four patties and a Spam sandwich in the middle. If you find yourself laid up with a bad case of the itis afterwards, don’t worry you’ve got until 5 a.m. to figure it out.