Selfies may have started out innocent enough, but as Instagram and Facebook culture have weaved themselves deeper into our lives, they've become something more of a contest to see who can get the best smile, the craziest background, or the sexiest angle. As fun as it may have been when social media first came out, selfies have become more extreme as time has gone on. And in order to get validation that your shot was worth it, one "like" won't cut it. In order to get Internet famous, people have pushed the limits, often putting themselves in danger in order to get the desired picture. That's the kicker: danger is what makes the selfie that more interesting in their eyes, which means more "likes." 

Yet many of those selfies don't get any clicks, because some of them never get to be posted. Or, if they were, the taker of the selfie never gets to see how many hits their picture received. That's because some selfies end in tragedy: while the taker was focusing on their face, they weren't paying attention to the world around them. Here are some of the most recent incidents.

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