Franklin & Bash sure don’t mind getting dirty.

On a promotional tour for the upcoming new season of their buddy-lawyer show, Breckin Meyer and Mr. Zack Morris himself Mark-Paul Gosselaar were asked about Dustin Diamond’s tell-all book surrounding his days on Saved by the Bell. Neither was particularly amused by Diamond’s account.

Seemingly playing “good lawyer/bad lawyer,” Gosselaar only went so far as to call Diamond’s views “negative” and say that “I don’t remember those things.” Pretty harmless, right? A simple difference of opinion, tactfully and diplomatically expressed.

Meyer, on the other hand, was a bit more blunt. “This guy’s such a dick,” he said, “I think a bunch of it is bulls—t.” Well, OK then.

We suppose it’s not all that surprising that Diamond’s sensationalist recollections of his time on the TV show might be a bit exaggerated. It’s not as if he has gone on to do much of anything since playing iconic dork Samuel “Screech” Powers beyond a slew of reality TV performances and making a sex tape that Meyer claims “is not him.”

Hold on. Um, Breckin…how do you know that? Care to explain?


[via US Magazine]