You know how, over the last several years, there have been increasingly more people demanding that we get a Rush Hour 4? How they can’t take this lack of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker buddy cop hijinks? How they don’t simply want Rush Hour 4, but in fact their very survival depends upon it?

No? Well, that’s because nobody actually cares. Except, apparently, New Line Cinema.

The studio has reportedly approached Chan about making a fourth movie, but has yet to produce anything in the way of a script or even a basic story. Fortunately, it seems like Chan is not looking to sully his good name (at least immediately); he said that “Lately they want to make Rush Hour 4. I said ‘No, show me the script first. I don’t need another Rush Hour 4. You need Rush Hour 4. Show me the script.’ I don’t want to do a rubbish script just because they want to make the movie.”

Stay strong, Jackie. Because we’re willing to bet Tucker is already in without even knowing what the movie is about.

[via Slash Film]