Ricky Gervais had me for a second. He starts off with, "You know when you're watching your favorite Netflix show and after five episode and...," and I'm like, "Yes!!! I hate when it asks me if I'm still watching. Of course I am. I have no life."

But then Gervais throws a curveball and finishes with, "You want to be in it." 

Oh. No, I don't know that feeling. But at least it's a good setup to have the Derek star invade the worlds of House of Cards, Lilyhammer, and Orange Is the New Black.

Even better than the ad itself is the blooper reel below. Like us, Gervais has a hard time taking himself serious as Frank Underwood. He even lets his other career as a stand up comedian come out as he riffs on the layout of the president's desk. 

[via YouTube]