Remember “Officer Go Fuck Yourself?” Well, now he’s just “Mr. Go Fuck Yourself.”

That’s because the officer in question—real name Ray Albers—has been forced to resign from the St. Ann police department after the footage of him screaming and pointing an assault rifle at unarmed protestors in Ferguson, Mo. went viral last week. The internal investigation carried out by the department concluded with the recommendation that Albers either resign or be fired, and he chose the former option.

A 20-year veteran of the St. Ann Police Department, Albers’ decision to aim his weapon at protestors was “totally justified,” according to Chief Aaron Jiminez. He believes that there were “a whole bunch of what you'd call citizen journalists, who were sitting with cameras recording, waiting for something stupid to happen, which they got. They won on this one.”

What, were you expecting genuine remorse?

[via NY Mag]