An Ohio man confessed to having sex with 100 corpses during his time working the night shift at a morgue, authorities say. 

This revelation came last week when a federal appeals court decided that Hamilton County can be sued as a result of the man's actions. Kenneth Douglas told the court that between 1976 and 1992, he defiled at least 100 corpses at the Hamilton County morgue. The 60-year-old explained that his actions were fueled by substance abuse. "If I hadn't had anything to drink when I went to work, it wouldn't happen," he told the court. "I would do crack and go in and drink and go in."

According to WCPO, Douglas was convicted of gross abuse on the bodies of three womenCharlene Appling, April Hicks, and Karen Range—​who died in 1991 and 1992. However, none of this was known until 2008, when his semen was identified in Range's body. 

The women's families sued Hamilton County in 2012, and last week's development will give a jury the chance to decide that former coroner and morgue director Dr. Frank Cleveland (who passed away in 2011) failed "recklessly and wantonly" to keep Douglas from violating corpses. The fact that Douglas' wife testified that she reported him and no disciplinary action was taken doesn't help the county's chances.

[via WCPO and Gawker]

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