Why oh why must Larry David toy with us like this? Doesn’t he know the only thing we want from him is more Curb Your Enthusiasm, the one thing he steadfastly refuses to give us?

After a role in the ill-advised Three Stooges reboot and his own movie Clear History on HBO, you’d think David had scratched his itch for non-Curb projects. Not so, apparently, as now he’ll be starring in a Broadway play which he himself has written.

Entitled Fish in the Dark, the play will revolve around “somebody very similar to Larry David – it might even be Larry David with a different name,” according to the man himself. Anna D. Shapiro—who won a 2008 Tony Award for directing August: Osage County—will helm the project, which opens on March 5.

So, in the last year we’ll have gotten Curb: The Movie (with Clear History) and now Curb: The Broadway Play. Larry is running out of media to use in taunting his audience.

[via Vulture]

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